Tahlin the Heartpiercer

An Elf Swordmaster who likes to charm the ladies


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Tahlin, the Heartpiercer. If the Troubadours’ tales can be believed, he is a Swordmaster of some renown around the great Dwarven capital of Throal. Said to wander Barsaive in search of the perfect woman, he plies his trade through sharp sword, and silver tongue.

This is both true, and not true.

I do not search for the perfect woman, but rather the perfect weapon. Swordmaster legends speak of the Soul Blade, the perfect weapon that each who follows this path must find, alone. The Soul Blade, assuredly, exists; the perfect woman…let us say that one may have once existed. If ever the Passions created perfection in woman, it was in my sister; my dear, sweet Elia. Her bones have collected dust in our Family Vault for 10 years now. But, that is a different story.

My Name is Tahlin Alean-Ess’eth. Also, Tahlin the Heartpiercer. I shall let you decide on your own if the moniker is for my tongue, or my sword. I am known to woo, win and break the heart of many a lady. I will not deny that a beautiful bevy may inspire me, but my heart is restless, wandering, not made to settle but to search, at times seeming unendingly. However, the Dance of the Swordmaster is not a pairing of bodies, but of blades; my perfect partner is the perfect weapon. The Soul Blade. I can not, and shall not rest until I have found my Blade. I may not rest once I have found it. Such is my path as an Adept.

In ancient days, before the Scourge, Elves such as I lived in the Wyrm Wood, the idyllic court of the Elves. When the impending Scourge loomed, and the great Queen Alachia rejected Throal’s aegis and the safety of the Kaers, some of my kind left the Wood, became severed in loyalty and spirit from the Court, and joined the other races in the deep, stone cities to wait out the Horrors of the Scourge. These independent Elves were also among the first to depart from the Kaers, forming new homes in the wild and ravaged lands of the New World. Unbeknownst to the myriad races, and indeed to many of the Elves as well, was that even some of the royalty broke their bond with Queen Alachia in the face of her madness. A branch of the royal Court that were cousin’d to the Queen. When the Kaers finally opened, and the full consequences of the madness of the Queen were seen, these Elves of royal blood formed a new Court high in the Throalic Mountains, one less concerned with the political fabric of the world. Instead, their cause was to preserve the ancient traditions and arts of the Elven peoples before the Corruption of the Wyrm Wood. They Named themselves the Court of Ess’eth, the Court of the Eternal People.

You might say that I am a sort of prince, a prince of ancient blood. I was born into the Court of Ess’eth, raised as a member of it. I have studied many arts through my life, but the Dance of the Sword was the first to call to my blood and it awakened the magic of the Adept inside me. Though I miss my homeland in the mountains, my family, the grace of the Elven arts and ceremony and the beautiful women of the Court, the Dance has called me to wander. I am made to travel this world, to hone the Dance of the Sword, and see all the beauty the woman of Barsaive have to offer. And so, I travel. Escorting caravans to new cities, highborn ladies to glamorous balls and pompous merchants to their Markets. I guard bodies and places, retrieve and deliver items of immeasurable value, and live my life to fullest. I Dance, and I search for my perfect partner.

Tahlin the Heartpiercer

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