Xiao Fengbo

A Lightning Born Archer who specializes in Throwing Weapons


About 8 years old, but with the mental maturity of someone about 20 years old. But still somewhat confused by things that some people take for granted, like door knockers. I don’t have a name yet, but he’s 5’11’ and 185 lbs. with wavy should length black hair with white streaks. He has the traditional lighting blue pupil less eyes.

Carries with him:
Hawk’s Feathers
Chan Li Hide
10 Flight Daggers
20 Jih’Po Darts (shuriken)
3 Throwing Axes
10 Throwing Spears in a Quiver of Infinite Depths
2 waterskins (apparently these only hold a days water now)
2 Belt Pouches
1 Fishing Kit
1 Journal (approx. 150 pages)
1 Quill and ink set (Black, Red, Blue, Yellow ink)
1 Painting set
4 lbs. Green Tea
4 lbs. Black Tea
1 days Rations
1 Light Quartz size small
1 Fire Starter
1 Teakettle of Ming Ho


He was born on the ridge of the Pillars of Heaven and lived most of his life in a small village near Crescent Saber Lake, that is wear he learned much of what he knows of the world from talking to traders and merchants. He learned the unique adepts discipline while staying here, I’m still trying to think of names for the village, his master, and himself. He has never seen another Storm Child and learned most of what he knows of his Lightning Born talent through severe and oftentimes painful self exploration. He possesses a curiosity and wanderlust fairly standard with his race. It was that wanderlust that caused him to walk west on the silk road and into Barsaive where the story begins.

He’s very outgoing but sometimes asks questions that are fairly blunt, this is a combination of the natural curiosity and the targets and projectile view of the world he possesses as an archer. Jovial and adventurous and a terror in combat, taking the most direct approach to finishing a combat or getting the information he wants.

His artisan skill is Illuminated Manuscripting, he keeps notes about things he encounters in his journeys in his journal and likes to embellish them quite extensively.

Xiao Fengbo

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