Wheeler's Report, 3 Mawag

Wheeler’s Report
3 Mawag
To: Gerad Gifora, Exchequer
From: Itinerant Merchant Adept Wheeler

First and foremost, tell the General she was right. Pay her ten gold pieces out of my personal account. And you can wipe that confused look off your big ork face: she was certain that the rate I quoted for this air transit was too good to be true, and it was.

Captain Paia decided to inform us, eight days into the seven-day trip, that her employer specifically ordered her to admit adepts at that ridiculous discount. The reason given was that her employer has apparently had an item stolen, and wanted to sign up a bunch of adepts for retrieving it. She has just left us to decide whether or not we were willing to take the job (which entailed taking on a very minor blood charm) when suddenly a grip of drakes assaulted the ship.

Two of the drakes tore a hole in the cargo hold that caused about half of my shipping manifest to fly off the ship. Through the combined efforts of a dozen adepts, three of the drakes were killed, but the alpha drake was able to hold its own… until the ship crashed into what appeared to be a giant, infinite tree.

Attempts to walk away from the tree met with failure – without any rhyme or reason, we were always turned around to return to the tree. We discovered an undead presence in one direction, and by following it we discovered a straight tunnel in the ground. Following the tunnel, we discovered writing on the walls in several odd, ancient languages, including Old Sperethiel.

We discovered the hilt of a sword sticking out the wall, which appeared to be threaded. Removing it, it appeared broken, which confused Greycore. As he and I both knew, magical weaponry should repair itself over time, so this weapon hilt must have been woven to after being broken.

Moving further down the tunnel, we came to a slab that sealed off the passage, dominated in the middle by a golden plate. After a bit of investigation, we discovered that weaving a thread to the plate and identifying ourselves as adepts. Sounds like a bit of madness to weave something to a strange plate, but there weren’t a lot of options at the time.

After getting out of the tunnel, we emerged next to an abandoned village. Rothe began speaking with dead spirits in the area, which unfortunately didn’t give us much information. We got the impression that the adepts who were protecting the place had failed to do so, and that everyone had died rather painfully.

And that’s when we came upon the dead dragon impaled in the center of town.

The dead dragon was being guarded by a strange elf, who seemed to be made out of bark. Without going into too much detail, the elf was unable to provide us with any answers as to why there was a dead dragon or if there were any exits from the town. Ultimately, the elf, and several other Namegivers made of the same stuff, cast a spell that transported us to a different location; coincidentally, we ended up next to the Serpent River, in the middle of the Servos Jungle. Otherwise known as WILDLY far away from where we thought we were.

As luck would have it, Trastr, the T’skrang who was on the Airship with us before, appeared on a t’skrang skiff destined for V’strimon. After bartering passage, we set out. One day in, an unnatural mist appeared that culminated in a t’skrang Adept that attacked us. We suspect that there was a connection between this t’skrang and the odd Namegivers from the dead dragon town. However, there wasn’t any chance to really investigate such; the t’skrang set a couple of giant crabs on us. While we were able to defeat the crabs, the t’skrang escaped. We did salvage the shells of the giant crabs, and after arriving in V’strimon, started working on finding a way to process them into sellable armor.

Once in Vstrimon, we were told that without a connection to any of the local t’skrang nialls, we couldn’t enter. But with a little bit of finesse, we at least secured an entrance, and were able to arrange a bit of sidework with two organizations.

At present, I’m submitting this report to you through Skot and Pilgrym at our local trading house. I will continue to secure connections here, and hopefully see if I can’t improve G&G’s holdings in V’strimon.

Attached is the manifest of materials that have been lost, as well as a list of the adepts that I’ve encountered so far, as per Guild Order #3. More extensive profiles will be attached in a future report.

Lastly, Gerad: I am very, very invested in getting to the bottom of this ridiculousness with the Airship. I WILL recover the shipment, or I will extract its market value from someone’s hide. You know my history with the guild, and you know that I’ve never allowed a debt to go unpaid for long.

Give me time to fix this. The senior partners have nothing to worry about.

May your dealings be prosperous.

n Wheeler

Wheeler’s Report: Contacts
Per Guild Order #3, here are the profiles of all potential contacts I have met in this venture.
#Xiao Fengbo – The “Archer” adept that was hired as my escort for this delivery turns out to be pretty good in a combat situation, and takes his job rather seriously. Coincidentally, he doesn’t actually use a bow or crossbow, but instead throws his weaponry. Rather flashy, would definitely rehire.

#“Bridin – Human woman, youthful, comely. Bears the arms of a Paragon of Mynbruje. Serious girl, handles herself well in a fight, but seems preoccupied with protecting Rothe. Paragons, from my understanding, comport themselves in a rather heroic way. Recommend observation, will issue further reports as able.

#Rothe – Half-elf male, red-haired, freckled. Appears to be a Nethermancer of some kind, though he’s a little more outgoing than any other Nethermancer I’ve met. Has expressed a deep interest in legendary heroes. Might be an asset to consider.

#Greycore – Obsidiman weaponsmith. (Yes, General, an obsidiman on an airship. Contain yourself.) Wields a shield only for some reason, but a real take-charge fellow. Will monitor closely.

#Eyas Freas – Windling Windmaster. Excitable fellow, even for a windling. Did a wonderful job of dealing with two of the drakes. Definitely handy in a fight. Will monitor closely.

#Teesrin – Windling Sorcerer. Have never seen a sorcerer this far from Cathay before, but even for a windling, this one is an arrogant bastard. Like Eyas Freas, pretty awesome in a fight. Will monitor closely.

#Tahlin – Elven swordmaster. Swordmasters are certainly our bread and butter, but haven’t seen this one do anything impressive quite yet. Will inform if opportunity improves.

#Uhton – Obsidiman messenger. (Yes, General, TWO obsidiman on an airship.) Didn’t involve himself in the drake-fight too much. May be an asset to consider.

#Ardew – Human wizard. Also not involved in the fight. May be an asset to consider.

#Leene – Human female, unknown discipline. Very little information to go on.

Wheeler's Report, 3 Mawag

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