Dissolution of Pneuma

An Inauspicious Beginning

Bridin, Rothe, Eyas Freas & Teesrin are traveling on the Swift Runner (??), an Airship flying from Urupa. The captain summons them below decks where Greycore, Wheeler, Xiao are already sitting around the long-table, along with Leene, Ardew, Uhton, Munkai & Trastr. Soon after Tahlin & Zander come in.

The captain soon enters and introduces herself as Paia. She asks the assembled adventurers for their assistance in retrieving an object for her contact. She places a small cache of Blood Gems in front of the adventurers, saying, if they accept to place the Blood Gems on their bodies. She leaves the room and allows them time to think it over.

After a short while, most of the PCs pick up a Blood Gem and press it to their skin, causing to to attach to them. The Airship then begins to buck wildly. A giant whole in the ship’s cargo area is ripped out, two white Drakes push their way in confronting the enemies. Greycore rushes to the breach and holds one drake at bay, preventing it from entering the ship, while the other adventurers dispatch the first drake, then the second.

Both Bridin and Rothe rushed above decks when the ship rocked. Above decks a third drake was attacking the crew. Bridin was able to hold off the drake while the other two were dispatched. Eventually, the rest of the adventurers join them above decks and dispatch the third drake.

Before they can revel in their victory, or stabilize the sinking ship, a large fourth drake lands on the ship. The drake causes all the adventurers to fall into a crippling fear, nearly destroying them all. At the brink of defeat, the adventurers break out of their fear and push the drake back.

The ship crashes unceremoniously into a giant tree, the large drake getting impaled on a thick, jutting branch; the characters tumble across the deck, falling unconscious.

When they awaken, the ship is broken and laying one a huge mass of tangled roots. The ship is slowly being covered in vines. After collecting their things, the adventurer’s start to investigate the area. Teesrin & Eyas fly up the tree but aren’t able to get very high before the air thins too much for their wings to carry them. Teesrin tries to look at the Astral Pattern of one of the trees, but is nearly blinded by the flood of bright light.

Rothe is able to detect Undead magic Northeast of them, and so they try to move in any direction other than that. As much as they try, they keep mysteriously circling back around to the crash sight. Eventually, they move to the Northeast and find a stone tunnel overgrown by vines. Moving through the tunnel, they find a hilt of a blade sticking out of the wall. Removing it, the blade is broken, but the sword is obviously a Threaded Item. Along the edges of the wall are written the phrases “Song of Scales”, “They failed”, “Hollow”

The adventurer’s continue on, coming to a stone wall with a golden seal which, when they try to investigate, has the text “Name Thyself” scrolled on it. They eventually open the door, and walk into an old stone village surrounded by a high stone wall, with the giant trees on the outside.

As they move through the town, Rothe summons some of the old spirits still inhabiting the village. They tell him a story of invading creatures that ravaged the village, and some heroes who were supposed to protect them, but failed at doing so.

Proceeding to the center of the village, they find a dragon’s corpse, impaled in the center of the chest with a sapling that has a strange bulbous growth on it. The dragon’s corpse is rotting near the center, but preserved at the edges.



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