Dissolution of Pneuma

In the Stone Village

The characters stand in an open square in the center of an old and broken village. The ground is covered almost entirely by a field of large, broad, five petal purple flowers; their sweet smell fills the air around them, and leaves them feeling slightly woozy.
A few characters (Bridin, Tahlin, Greycore) get wrapped up in the Illusion magic of the flowers and start hallucinating and became stuck in Illusionary chains.

In the center of the square lies the supine body of a great gold dragon, its body impaled through the chest by a young sapling. The dragon’s chest has decayed around the sapling, but the rest of its body is covered in dull, wheat coloured scales, and looks only recently deceased.

A short male elf, whose skin is covered in a light brown bark, his clothes are simple and woven from bark and leaves. As the characters approach, the elf stands and speaks in Sperethiel

“You are too early. The Song, the Shield and the Blood still walk. He has not wakened, and you are too weak.” With that, he begins to walk away towards the Dragon.

The characters attempt to question the Elf, but he is extremely tight lipped, only responding in short, curt phrases. Greycore attempts to touch the dragon’s scales, at which point the Elf throws him backwards, admonishing him for attempting to touch the dragon.

At this point the characters begin to notice other Name-Givers emerging from the village into the square. They also have skin seemingly made from bark. They form a circle around the characters and begin weaving threads. Greycore attacks one of the Name Givers, pinning him low to the ground, but the Name Giver gets free. The rest of the Name Givers complete their spell and the characters vision begins to fade.

The characters wake on the banks of the Serpent River, the thick jungle behind them.

Wheeler’s Report, 3 Mawag



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